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Studio and outdoor photo session with Nathalie

I had 2 photo shoots with Nathalie, for her personal portfolio, both indoor, in my studio, and outdoor in Bermondsey park. This is a good example of differences between what you can get from both sessions I have available. Whether you need the images for a business purpose, personal websites and blogs or just want to have some really good pictures of yourself, both shoots can offer a great deal of variety and creativity.

To start with, an outdoor session provides more interesting backgrounds and can look a bit more relaxed and candid. The natural light outside (whether it is sunny or cloudy, we can still take some great shots!) gives us a nice soft light but can be quite unpredictable. On the other side, in the studio you can change outfits and the full control of the professional lighting creates the opportunity to make your portrait as flattering as possible.

I have mentioned before that makeup and hair are quite important  when it comes to taking professional photographs. Nathalie used the help of our makeup artist, Diana, in order to get the look she wanted. The images have been enhanced and the skin a bit softened, which is included in the packages, but no heavy skin retouching was applied in order to maintain a very realistic but professional look for Nathalie.

Studio session

Outdoor session

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