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As you may already know, we are available for corporate photo shoots throughout London. We know how important it is in your career to present yourself as a professional, the best in what you do. Then why have a blurry, dark photo from the last Christmas party on your LinkedIn profile? There are a few ways to have this done, depending on your needs, so we'll talk a bit about different styles for corporate images. They work both for a number of employees or just for yourself to put a professional images on LinkedIn or your own website!

1. Head-shot on simple, plain background: this is the easiest way to present yourself without any other distractions on the background. The look is clean, simple and perfect for any type of website or presentation. We can take this image in the office or even at your home, so you don't have to spear more than 5 minutes of your time!

2. Portrait using space around to give depth in the image: if you need a more sophisticated presentation of yourself, we can also use the office as a location to present the work that you do. These types of portraits are more suitable for presentation websites or editorials and give a more understanding of the subject in relation to the work-space. 

3. Head-shots or portraits outdoor: if you don't have an office (maybe working as a freelancer!) or you just want a more relaxed, friendly atmosphere in the photograph, you can opt for an outdoor portrait! 

4. Multiple people in the photograph: finally, we can also show you working at the office. Usually, these types of images are used by the company, to present their staff at work. Depending on the needs, we can compose a professional image with employees, showing different types of activities. In these particular images, the composition needed some negative space on the left side. 

So don't wait and book your professional corporate photo shoot as soon as possible! You can contact us here or just give us a phone call!

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