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How to download your photographs

If you're wondering how you can get your photographs form our photo shoot together, the answer is just here! Our personalized online galleries are user friendly so you can view, share and download the images in just a few steps. Each online gallery is especially designed for you, so you can have easy access to the photos as soon as they are uploaded online. Let's start and see how the download process works!

First, you will get an email from London Professional Photographer (that's us!) which will announce that your images are ready. Here is the example:

You just have to click on the 'View photos' button, which will take you directly to your online collection where you'll see a big cover picture and some button on the right bottom corner:


From left to right, these buttons are as following:

- a shopping cart where you can buy prints and other products directly from the collection

- a heart shaped button where you can see your favorite photos 

- the download button, which you have to click to download all the images

the share button, where you can send the photos to your friends, family or share them on social platforms such as Facebook

Scroll down and you'll see your wonderful images as they unfold to tell your story:


It is important for you to click the Download button in order to save your images in full resolution, onto your computer. This will bring you to this screen:

Just put your email and the PIN you will receive in the initial email, and the download will start instantly! All the images will be saved in your chosen folder on your computer!

We hope you'll enjoy viewing the galleries and keep your memories forever with us!



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